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Weaving and Warps for Days

Two weeks ago, we delivered the Schacht Standard 45" floor loom to a good friend in Houston.

This is the warp I sent with the loom, as a gift:

10/2 mercerized cotton, sett of 24, 6 yards long. 
In exchange, we picked up a Macomber Baby Mac 24" 8-shaft portable loom. 

Of course, the first thing I did was dye a warp to put on her. This one is called Feisty Berries:

It is 6 yards of 10/2 cotton with a sett of 24, 20" weaving width.

She beamed beautifully. 
The Baby Mac has new heddles on her, but I needed 100 more. 
So, dressing the loom has been stalled, as I await their arrival. 
The other looms have warps on them, as well. 
The Beast is sporting a 14-yard run of 3/2 cotton towels, and they are glorious!

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