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House sales slump.

BBC News: Coronavirus: House sales plummeted by 50% in May

Interest in buying strong as, as Libertas has pointed out in a previous comment, need for garden and work from Home extra space has increased. On the other hand the medium-sized long term of the economic downturn could make it more difficult to put together a deposit and/or get a mortgage.

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Here we go.

BBC News: House prices see largest monthly fall for 11 years, says Nationwide

Prices down 1.7% in may according to NW. The Biased Broadcasting Corp can't quite bring itself to report this simply as a fall however, choosing to describe it as a halving of annual growth.

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Insurance pins all the all the financial risks we take

BBC: Coronavirus: Insurers in virus claims test case named

You may think this is not relevant to housing but it is relevant to all aspects of our lives. You will see that even when sitting at home your car insurances will go up, and so will your housing insurance as insurers have to now pay up for the policies they have been writing. Even the mortgages that are given to people are then sold away to investors after they purchase an insurance policy on the Mortgage backed Securities. Now if the insurers have pay up, they would either need to raise more capital or shrink their underwriting book. This is more important than we all think. Remember AIG from 2008, it was very crucial for the US economy .

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If you cant pay, the it should go on your credit file

BBC: Coronavirus: New mortgage holiday should affect credit record, says Nationwide boss

The first banker to say, if you can't pay it should go in your credit file. Banks need to know your are not a good and liquid borrower.

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Last throw of the dice

Moneywise: Interest rates could go sub-zero: how would this affect mortgages and savings?

This effectively would be paying off peoples mortgages for free.I'm a bit surprised that there hasn't already been a revolt amongst savers. I have lost count of the number letters I have received saying my savings rates have been reduced to figures like 0.05%

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Why bother give it for free

BBC: Mortgage payment holiday extended for further three months

Well is people ever bothered to pay for what they buy, the wouldn't buy at the stupid prices they agree to in the first place.

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Most who lost jobs are at the lowest pay grade

BBC: US workers seeking jobless aid near 40 million

Interesting to see how the growth in house prices as I put in a couple of days ago adds up here. As people are lining up for food banks, some people think house prices are going to go up

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