IDS AP Secretariat of the Advisory Panel
of the International Drying Symposia

Honorary Chairman: A.S. Mujumdar,
Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering,
National University of Singapore,
10 Kent Ridge Crescent,   Singapore 119260
e-mail: mpeasm @    webpage
Secretary: Z. Pakowski,
Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Lodz Technical University,
ul. Wolczanska 213/215, 93-005 Lodz, Poland,     fax. (48 42) 636 4923,
e-mail: pakowski @     webpage

IDSIDS Proceedings牋?978-2002 volumes contents
DRYING Volumes牋牋1980-1992
hpcAdvances in Drying牋牋1980-1992
Five Volume book series published by Hemisphere Publishing Corporation
Marcel DekkerDrying Technology 牋牋1983-2000 volumes contents
An International Journal published by Marcel Dekker

Regional Drying Conferences
IADC 1997牋List of contents
Inter-American Drying Conference, 1997
IADC 2001牋List of contents
2-nd Inter-American Drying Conference, 2001
SINTEFNTNUNDC'01牋List of contents with abstracts
1st Nordic Drying Conference, June 27-29, 2001
2nd Nordic Drying Conference
25-27 June 2003
燑/td>ADC 99牋List of contents
First Asian-Australian Drying Conference, October 24-27, 1999
ADC 2001牋List of contents
2nd Asian-Oceania Drying Conference, August 20-22, 2001
25-27 Sept. 2002
燑/td>EFCE Working Party on Drying Meeting, 12-13 May, Paris, France
燑/td>3rd Nordic Drying Conference, 15-17 June, Karlstadt, Sweden
燑/td>Inter-American Drying Conference, 21-24 August, Montreal, Canada
燑/td>11th Polish Drying Symposium, 13-16 September, Poznan, Poland

Forthcoming drying conferences 2005
燑/td>Asia-Pacific Drying Conference, 13-15 December, Kolkata, India

Drying Books
燑img src="/style/15230/springer.gif" width="53" height="86" alt="springer"> Kowalski, S. J., University of Poznan, Poland
"Thermomechanics of Drying Processes"
Springer Verlag 2003 365 p. 176 illus. Hardcover,
ISBN 3-540-00412-2

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