Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Playlist

Summer 2013 Running Playlist!

Thrift Shop                                 Macklemore
Doin' It Right                             Daft Punk
Happy                                         Pharrell Williams
Tropicana                                  Tropicana
Si Me Dan Pasteles                 Seven Octaves
Holy Calamity                           Handsome Boy Modeling School
Next To Me                                Emeli Sande
Can't Keep Johnny Down    They Might Be Giants
Blurred Lines                           Robin Thicke 
Come & Get It                           Selena Gomez
I Can't Get No Satisfaction    Rolling Stones
Survivor                                     Destiny's Child
Rapp Snitch Knishes             MF Doom
Once Again                               Handsome Boy Modeling School
Treasure                                    Bruno Mars
Keep Yourself Alive               Queen
Get Some                                  Lykke Li
Orchestrated Incident           Gramatik

Friday, August 3, 2012

Here I Come to Save The Bay!


Annual Save The Bay Swim
Newport to Jamestown
Approximately 2 miles

 Freestyle for a while

 In the ZONE

 Rose Island

 Taking in the view

 Nearing the finish line


Shout out to my photo-taking, kayaking mom who spotted me and to all of my swim coaches even though I usually attempted to hide from them heh heh.. Next year goal is TIME: Under an hour, babies! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nurture nature

My lil guy loves animals. I predicted this while still pregnant, decorating his room in a safari type theme. I even cut out & framed photos of animals from those free calendars i always seem to get in the mail year after year from Audubon and World Wildlife Refuge. I had every intention of rotating different animals in those frames but motherhood was busier than I'd anticipated. 
I also framed one of the few decent artsy endeavors of my teenage years in high school art class: a camouflage inspired painting of a giraffe taking a drink of water with a small bird perched on its back. He's vaguely aware that his mom made this picture and I hope it remains untouched by little hands. Hmmm

the kid adores animals. In my futile attempts to keep my house organized, we even have specific bins and containers for all his animal figurines: sea creatures, reptiles & insects, dinosaurs, fantasy/cartoon/tv/movie/comic book characters, mammals: jungle, domestic, etc. 
This only seems like a good idea. He prefers to mix the company of different critters and things get messy quickly.
He has animal atlases and brochures, charts, laminated cards with Latin names, folk & Aesop tales, Beatrix Potter, NatGeo Kids magazines -- you name it!
Not surprisingly, his favorite story from the Bible is Noah's ark.
I even have specific animal/nature apps on my iphone just for him. 
He's always begging me to go to the zoo, the aquarium, the Audubon. I'm beginning to wonder if memberships would be the better investment for my nature lover? Nurture his love of nature by way of hands-on education and observation? We are fortunate enough to live nearby the beach and often explore the shoreline and tide pools. We have done geocaching and scavenger hunts for natural items like bird feathers, pinecones, and the like.  
Since my Maryland days, I have been a member of the National Aquarium in Baltimore but have yet to take my boy there!
I'm always trying to think of ways to support his interest that won't break the bank. And also, not bore or overwhelm him..
Will he always be so fascinated by the wonders of friendly and not so friendly beasts? I wonder....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread House

Every year (OK, maybe not the year I gave birth..busy doing baby things..) I like to bake gingerbread from scratch, make some cookies and build a house. I also make my own frosting which until this year I have yet to master as it almost always comes out lumpy & bumpy (helloooo sifter!) or tasting funky (cream of tartar) 
Here is the house so far... roof to be added soon-soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Easy Listening

here's what's currently on my ipod playlist:
* asteroid galaxy tour - golden age
* mark ronson w/ghostface killah - lose it 

* phantogram - don't move

* the knife - heartbeats  (check out the hard-to-find longboarding vid that goes with. dope!)

* mf doom - rap snitches knishes

* death cab for cutie - you're a tourist

* the blow - true affection

* haley bennet - buddha's delight

* jedi mind tricks - animal rap (instrumental version)  

* lily allen - littlest things

you're welcome :)))))

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Critter Cakes

"Dirt Cakes" chocolate cake, oreos, chocolate jimmies, gummy worms & chocolate lollipops. These bad boys went fairly quickly and I received lots of compliments for the lollipop molds (super simple to make, look like more work than they are!)

Also,"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" (cup)cake(s). The birthday honoreerequested carrot cake so all cupcakes pictured are this flavor. The headis 2 rice cakes, stacked with a bit of frosting acting as glue to holdthem together, frosted with sliced strawberries & strawberry jellysmoothed over for a real red effect. (At first tried just adding red dyein the frosting but it only came out pink or pinker.) The eyes &antennae are all salt water taffy, while the feet are broken rice cakepieces. A lot of fun to make and I received a ton of compliments but Ifound people were afraid to break up the work of art to eat a cupcake.Also, me thinks blue is not the most appetizing color! Another view:

Food for thought. Literary fun. Book Bugs.
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