Introduction To Surf Fishing

With a minimum of effort and expense, anyone can catch a fish from the beach. Start with a few rigs, some bait and a rod and reel.

Saltwater Flyfishing
Tackle and Techniques
Saltwater Fishing Records

Philosophical Bait Fishing

Bait fishing gets little ink and less
advertising. American fishermen
find more status with flyrods or,
where trout are not the common
quarry, with artificials.

Freshwater Species
Lines, Knots, Etc.
Freshwater: Where-To

Learning to Tie Flies

To learn to tie flies you need justtwo things: the desire to learnand a willingness to try. There'sno mystique to fly tying. That'spure illusion.

Casting Skills
Rods, Reels and Casting
Fly Selection and Tying