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 At East Copans Rd and US #1 Federal Hwy
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Dear Diamond Strike Lanes/Rip’s Sports Bar & Grill Guests,


Today is May 7th and here we are still in limbo. As most of Florida is slowly returning to business almost, as usual, we who have businesses in Broward County remain closed.


Diamond Strike Lanes and Rip’s Sports Bar & Grill will stay closed for the safety and health of our staff, as well as the safety and health of our guests who come to enjoy us for good food, spirits, sports, great music and the fun of bowling with friends, family, schools, and business associates in a responsible manner.


Since our closing on March 20th, this has given us the opportunity to prepare by cleaning, sanitizing, and repainting, in return, creating a safe and entertaining haven for our guests once we reopen.


We have been discussing what life will look like when we do finally reopen. The changes that will take place will come with limitations and restrictions for our guests to feel welcomed and comfortable in knowing that their safety is our utmost concern.


So for now, we will continue to keep everyone updated here on Facebook and at @Rip’s Live as to our progress.When that day does arrive, we will all be together again enjoying each other’s company,sharing a toast, dancing to good music, eating great food and the comradery of bowling together safely and responsibly.


Until then, we miss you and send our love to all our guests and pray for you to continue to stay safe, stay healthy and if you can stay home.


Management & Staff of
Diamond Strike Lanes
Rip’s Sports Bar & Grill
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