Powering Innovations Since 1968

For half a century,?UPG's energy storage solutions have been powering lives, everyday applications and groundbreaking innovations.

From our Universal Battery? sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries to Kinetik? lithium iron phosphate and custom-engineered smart lithium-ion batteries, UPG has been an industry leader in energy storage, delivering reliable quality and performance for the most demanding applications.

Our purpose is simple:? To make a difference by delivering energy storage solutions that bring about positive impacts on quality of life.

Markets Powered

The UPG Advantage - Time-Tested, Proven & Trusted

Whether it is powering a complex life-critical medical device or a home security alarm panel, UPG is a proven partner in delivering energy solutions that make a difference.

Our collaborative approach, combined with value-added engineering expertise, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, and supply chain capabilities - provide for a unique and tailored partnership that translates to increased operational efficiency, reduced financial risk, and a value proposition that is unmatched.

We are dedicated to balancing technological advancements with our client’s energy requirements and project constraints, to deliver them the safest and most viable power solutions for their applications.

When results matter, count on UPG as your one-stop energy-storage solutions partner.

Our proof is in our pudding. Ask our loyal customers.


We Aren't Your Typical Battery Company


Some of Our Loyal Customers



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