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Thursday, October 17

Circus Train Review - Boardgame Reviews

Circus Train Review - Boardgame Reviews: " When I got swept away by the first wave of German import board games I had this peculiar vision that what I’d get was a tide of easily learned, fast playing games which were nevertheless strategically demanding and full of interaction. What I got mostly were bland, empty shells of games, bereft of  thrills and drama. Circus Train is the sort of game I was expecting, except it turned up a decade too late."

'via Blog this'

Monday, May 13

Relic review from someone who never played Talisman | Relic | BoardGameGeek

Relic review from someone who never played Talisman | Relic | BoardGameGeek: Actually, "the Trader ended up being corrupted by chaos long before the end of the game due to a string of bad encounters" is the point. This is not a systems game where the art and theme are there to make the gears look cheery—Relic is the page numbers and paragraphs of a choose-your-own-adventure novel rolled out onto a board and stacked in decks of cards to be accessed by the roll of the die. The game is about the random, emergent narrative, no two alike. The story is the prize you leave the table with, win or lose. Some of my most cherished gaming memories are from years-old Talisman games where the absurdity and awfulness of the adventure dwarfed any feeling of "accomplishment" the winner might have felt. (It's important to note that I cannot recall who won which games; I have only the memory of my wretched circumstances. And those stories warm my heart.)

Thursday, January 10

I haven't sent any links here for a long time.Instead I've put stuff on Facebook, where it disappears and is never seen again.That's lame of me, I know.

Thursday, February 16

Moreover, Randall Popken, who is a WPA at Tarleton State University in Texas, writing in College Composition and Communication in 2004,
showed that class size is a long-standing, serious issue with his historical
case study of Edwin Hopkins, a writing teacher at the University of Kansas
from 1889 to 1937 (618-41)?Hopkins, following the then relatively new
composition pedagogy of having students write extensively, reached the
point of a breakdown from sheer overwork?

Friday, January 27

Publications of Cathy N. Davidson: C.N. Davidson, Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn (Viking Press June 2011 publication date) (2010) [org]

Monday, November 28

Make sure you've cinched up your Depends before reading this.

Dear internet, what are some distracting sites that I haven't yet blocked with my /etc/hosts file...

Wednesday, November 23

Panic Station - I Never Knew Passing Gas To Thwart Alien, Parasitic Buttworms Could Be So Awesome http://ping.fm/OsP4R

Friday, September 16

Timothy L. Parrish - From Hoover's FBI to Eisenstein's Unterwelt: DeLillo Directs the Postmodern Novel - Modern Fiction Studies 45:3: DeLillo's readers thus find themselves in a critical bind. On the one hand, they delight in the virtuosity of his multimedia mimicry--his ability to transmit a range of media forms through his narratives seriatim. That the very success of his narrative mimicry leads readers to worry that he is an impersonator co-opted by the narrative forms that he replays suggests how difficult it is for DeLillo to succeed in being both innovative and in control of his fiction. 2 Confronted with a demanding and difficult writer like DeLillo, critics have understandably called upon influential postmodern theorists--Jean Baudrillard, Paul de Man, Gilles Deleuze, Linda Hutcheon, Fredric Jameson, and Hayden White--to provide a vocabulary for addressing the intellectual problems raised by DeLillo's fiction. 3
Timothy L. Parrish - From Hoover's FBI to Eisenstein's Unterwelt: DeLillo Directs the Postmodern Novel - Modern Fiction Studies 45:3: DeLillo's readers thus find themselves in a critical bind. On the one hand, they delight in the virtuosity of his multimedia mimicry--his ability to transmit a range of media forms through his narratives seriatim. That the very success of his narrative mimicry leads readers to worry that he is an iPublish PostPublish Postmpersonator co-opted by the narrative forms that he replays suggests how difficult it is for DeLillo to succeed in being both innovative and in control of his fiction. 2 Confronted with a demanding and difficult writer like DeLillo, critics have understandably called upon influential postmodern theorists--Jean Baudrillard, Paul de Man, Gilles Deleuze, Linda Hutcheon, Fredric Jameson, and Hayden White--to provide a vocabulary for addressing the intellectual problems raised by DeLillo's fiction. 3

Wednesday, September 14

How to you flatten a page out of a reading book if it's had water damage? - Yahoo! Answers: rewet the page, wipe the access water with a paper towel but let the page remain damp, close the book, and then put the book under something very heavy, leave it for about a day. this will cause the pages to redry and reform flat.

Tuesday, September 13

Salvaging Bad Audio: Unintelligible Speech

You first need to determine if you're a victim of Bad Recording Techniques. Poor microphone choice or bad mic placement can leave you with an audio track that's muffled or indistinct. The use of a camera-mounted microphone can result in the same symptoms. Happily, this is the easiest problem to fix, perhaps requiring only the judicious use of equalization and volume control to reduce the level of noise. Boosting frequencies around 2.5 KHz for men and 3.5 KHz for women with EQ will make the spoken word louder and will help it to cut through. Boosting frequencies around 6 KHz will increase sibilance (the "ssss" sounds in speech) and intelligibility, but it may also increase background noise and hiss, so a light touch is required.

Thursday, July 7

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness: "I have suffered depression for years. I have been to five 'shrinks', been placed on three different medications (not at the same time, of course) to treat the depression and all to no effect. I have read other books on depression but this one is the only one that is actually making a noticeable and positive change in my life. Simply put, the approach works."

Tuesday, July 5

How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD - Media - GOOD

How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD - Media - GOOD: "'Editors are going to think I'm a liability now. What kind of *** pussy cries and pukes about getting almost hurt or having to watch bad things happen to other people?'

'Dude,' she said. 'Marines.'"

Sunday, July 3

Some Approaches to the Question of Chewing Gum Litter

Some Approaches to the Question of Chewing Gum Litter: "Gum can be found everywhere, but a more attentive examination reveals that it reaches maximum density in the vicinity of the most frequented bars: the chewer who is headed there is forced to spit out to free his mouth. As a result, the stranger, not familiar with the city, could find these places following the direction of the more thickly massed gum blobs, in the same way as sharks find their wounded prey by swimming in the direction of increasing concentrations of blood…"

Googlecontributor and Mac pioneer talks with CNET (Q&A) | Digital Media - CNET News

Googlecontributor and Mac pioneer talks with CNET (Q&A) | Digital Media - CNET News: "'The ubiquitous connectivity profoundly influences how we use our computers. We're 10 years down the road--we're just in the middle of the transition. Essentially, the hegemony of the PC is over. Now the center of every user's world will be in a network repository projected into many different devices. How those ecologies interact and work out, that's the story of the next 5, 10 years.'"

Andy Herzfeld 2005

Monday, June 27

Fukushima: It's much worse than you think - Features - Al Jazeera English

Fukushima: It's much worse than you think - Features - Al Jazeera English: "'We have 20 nuclear cores exposed, the fuel pools have several cores each, that is 20 times the potential to be released than Chernobyl,' said Gundersen. 'The data I'm seeing shows that we are finding hot spots further away than we had from Chernobyl, and the amount of radiation in many of them was the amount that caused areas to be declared no-man's-land for Chernobyl. We are seeing square kilometres being found 60 to 70 kilometres away from the reactor. You can't clean all this up. We still have radioactive wild boar in Germany, 30 years after Chernobyl.'"

Friday, June 24

digital digs: the liberal arts, humanities, and opinions

digital digs: the liberal arts, humanities, and opinions: "Psychology is a very popular major (second only to business according to Princeton Review), and yet psychology majors have a lower median starting income than English, history, or philosophy. So where are the New York Times articles calling for the dismantling of psychology majors?"

Tuesday, June 21

David Axelrod finds Huntsman’s presidential candidacy ‘slightly bewildering’ - Chicago Sun-Times

David Axelrod finds Huntsman’s presidential candidacy ‘slightly bewildering’ - Chicago Sun-Times: "“Already you see him inching away from some of the positions he’s taken in the past,” Axelrod said. “He was very vociferously a supporter of cap-and-trade to try to deal with the issue of climate change. He has walked away from that. He once raised the issue of a health care mandate. He has walked away from that. He once said the stimulus was too small. He walked away form that. So, after a while, these patterns become a problem for you when you’re running for president because what people look for is consistency.”"

Sunday, June 19

William Gibson | The Paris Review

William Gibson | The Paris Review: "Finding time to work is the main problem … You write a decent book, and you’re hired as a creative-writing teacher. The next thing you know, you’re director of the program, which basically means you get less time in class and more administration, which nobody likes, so that you can hardly write anything anymore."

Wednesday, June 1


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