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by Feather. 01/10/20 06:05 PM

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01/10/20 08:01 PMLong Time Lurker, First Time Owner
Hello all!

I have been in love with the idea of getting a pet sugar glider since the first time I met one when I was in the second grade. I've kept up with the forum, but between my own finances and life with my mother's strict "No Smelly Animals" policy it's never been feasible for me to have my own gliders. Eventually I was able to talk her into a pet hedgehog who kept me company for 4 years before crossing the rainbow bridge from cancer. During those 4 years I loved everything about small exotics, but gliders still seemed to be a stretch. I have now been out on my own a while, but the upstart cost for two joeys is a little steep for a single income public school teacher.

However, it seems fate had other plans.

Feeling sad after helping my hedgehog cross the rainbow bridge, I ducked into a local exotics shop hoping to find some fun things for my scaled friends. Instead, I found myself in an exotics shop that not only stocks supplies, but also specializes in rescues and rehomes. It wasn't long before I noticed the two little glider boys in their set up and decided that this had to be the right time. I know that gliders are the cutest face, but can kind of be jerks until you've gained their trust, which can take longer with older gliders. Between my hedgehog and my western hognose snakes, I am well familiar with animals that have some attitude.

I am now the proud parent of two male gray gliders, between 1 or 2 years old. (I think that they are siblings, but I can't be sure.)

Having had my toe in the glider world for 10+ years, I know a few things about glider care and behavior. Lots of toys, lots of bonding, lots of patience. But, I want to be sure that I'm doing this right and I have a few questions for the colony:

- I've ordered CritterLove Glider Complete and the accompanying salad for them. I know every glider is different, but how much do you recommend starting them with?
- What are some things I should be looking out for "normal" behavior wise? I don't know anything about their history, aside from them being surrendered by someone who could no longer care for them. (I intend to take them to my exotic vet soon, but I want them to be a little bit more at ease than they are now.)
- Neutering? Yay or nay?
- I've noticed that the larger one eats first, and the smaller one hangs back and waits to join. Occasional taking away of food with both parties as the culprit, but after the waiting period they both eat out of the bowl together fine. Typical social behavior or something I should be worried about?

Thanks to everyone in advance for their help, and I will definitely post pics as soon as I have the chance. (Name suggestions welcome!)

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11/27/19 04:14 AMFirst Time Owner
Hey all!

My name's Fay, I'm a new sugar glider owner as of yesterday.

I have one classic grey sugar glider male named "Bongo", he's 5-6 yrs old, and he eats the Pet Glider Exotic Diet (aka the Priscilla Price Diet).

Looking forward to learning more about proper care and enriching my new little friend's life!
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10/13/19 05:48 PMHi I’m new and I have a few questions
Ok so my question is I have a Luetistic male paired with a 100% het platinum female (mom was mosaic and dad was platinum) I’d like to know what color offspring would be???
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09/30/19 09:41 PM New With Questions
Hi I have 3 gliders 1 is a baby already fuzzy and doing well and I want to keep the baby girl and also keep parents. I understand keeping her with father might result in inbreeding which is not what I want, I also do not want to neuter the father. Is it ok to get a separate cage for the babyand put that on top of my other cage with mom and dad in it? Yes/no and what are better alternatives I do not want baby to have any emotional or stress problems by not being able to be with parents! What is best solution for my situation. Thank you for your advice in advance.
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09/20/19 06:21 PMPosting photos?
Hello, new glider parent here and trying to post a picture of their cage and stuff and so I can ask if they have everything in there that they need.But I get a message saying my photos are too large.What can I do?

I just adopted Crispy and Mister a few days ago.2 year old brother and sister.Kind of smelly but these have to be one of the best and perfect pets out there.I ran across some sites claiming that “sugar gliders aren’t pets”.that’s confusing because they really seem to love being around us!
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09/19/19 04:52 PMNew With Questions
Hi I'm new and have a couple questions.We rescued a 2-1/2 year old male glider about 6 weeks ago.I've noticed a very STRONG smell coming from his cage, so strong that it exacerbates my asthma.Is this normal?Is this his musk because he's an intact male?We clean the cage and wash his sleeping pouch regularly, but it doesn't seem to help.The cage that he came with is mostly wood with wire mesh.Could it be his urine soaking into the wood (the wood is finished, not raw, but still...)?Would female gliders be better because they don't have scent glands?Also, he was just used for breeding and wasn't handled much so we're having trouble bonding with him and are getting tired of getting bitten - but that's something to deal with once we figure out the odor problem.Thanks.
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by Newdrue. 01/13/20 03:09 PM
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