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2017FrontDeskAS of JUNE 15th WE ARE OPEN!
Call 248.693.8768 or Book Online

We want to thank all of our clients for supporting us during this closure! From patiently waiting, to curbside product purchases, or simply reaching out with kind words. It matters a lot to us.  Below is our new policy and procedures as well as a electronic waiver we would like you to complete before you arrive for your appointment.



  • Please call us from your vehicle. We will let you know when your stylist is ready.
  • Face-masks are required
  • We are asking all clients to fill out a waiver before services.
  • Sanitize before entering the salon.
  • Temperatures may be taken before service.
  • Limit belongings to only essential items.
  • No friends or family members.
  • We are not providing beverages at this time.
  • The ATM will not be available for use.
  • We recommend tipping out by Venmo or cash directly to your stylist.
  • Any questions or concerns please call us at 248.693.8768


For a better idea of how the salon and your appointment will look and feel... Please watch this video. We can’t wait to have you back in the salon!

   For ongoing updates and additional information -- please check back at this web site or visit our Facebook Page. salonufacebookicon

Please complete this online waiver before your appointment. (Click Here)

Our mission is to bring the art of personal and uncompromised customer attention to a new level, while guiding each client through an outstanding and authentic salon experience. We strive to provide an atmosphere where people not only enjoy the environment but are also elated with the caliber of services that are provided.  

It's all about U!

Call (248) 693-8768

Military Discount

Thank You for Serving

10% Off all Services

Beers and Braids

DADs! Learn How to Braid

Fun night out have a few beers learn how to braid your daughter will be so impressed!

Wigs for Kids

Give Some one a Gift of Love

Wigs for Kids gives children self confidence they need during the most difficult time in their life.

Make Up 101

Teens and Adults!

Bring your own make up we will show you how to professionally apply it.

Girls Night Out

Make up and Hair Tips

So much fun with your Girls! Hair Tips - Make Up Tips fun night for any reason

Blow Dry Class

Fun Night Out With Friends

We will teach you how to blow dry your hair just like your stylist!





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