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Welcome to CarnationBusiness.com, a site that gives details of the vibrant businesses and attractions in the town of Carnation WA.

Carnation MacDonald park suspension bridge

The town of Carnation was originally called Tolt but was renamed to Carnation to honor Carnation Milk that originates in the town.

Carnation Tolt Marker 

Of course the best known original business in Carnation was Carnation Milk that is sold worldwide.

Carnation Milk 


Carnation milk poster 

Carnation milk poster 

Carnation milk truck 

The official Carnation city site is here.





Snoqualmie Trail

The best trail through Carnation is the Snoqualmie Trail.  It is a disused railroad track.

Snoqualmie Trail at Carnation 

Snoqualmie Trail 

Snoqualmie Trail 

Snoqualmie Trail 

Snoqualmie Trail 

The trail has nice bridges such as over the Tokul river.

Snoqualmie Trail - Tokul bridge 

Snoqualmie Trail - Tokul river 

Snoqualmie Trail - Tokul Bridge 

Snoqualmie Trail 

You can walk along the trail from Carnation to the Snoqualmie Falls.

Snoqualmie Falls 


The are also lots of other great parks in Carnation.  They're listedhere .

The walking trails are shownhere.

Carnation trails 

If it gets too hot in the park, the fire brigade is always on hand to cool people down.

Fire hose in park 


Theme park

Remlinger operates a theme park in Carnation where you can do things such as buy locally grown produce and ride on their steam train.

Remlinger steam train 



Main street in 1912

Carnation main street in 1912 

Original church and school

Original church and school 



Snoqualmie river

Snoqualmie river bridge 

Tolt river

Tolt river gravel island 

Tolt river trail 

Tilt river Remlinger 

Tolt river logs 

Tolt river fast flow 




Celebrating July 4th Independence Day is a big deal in Carnation.  In the morning there is a parade down the high street and in the evening there is a band and then lots of fireworks.  Details are here .

Parade July 4th Ixtapa 

Parade July 4th Ixtapa 

July 4th parade dancing horses 

Parade July 4th Horse and cart 


Car Show

Red car July 4th 

Yellow car July 4th 


Band in the park

Band July 4th 



Fireworks July 4th 

Fireworks July 4th 

Fireworks July 4th 

Fireworks from Rio plot 


The holidays are also well celebrated in Carnation.


Xmas fire truck 

Night life

Pete's Club

Pete's Club 


Rock festivals

Brodie Nation

Brodie Nation 

Brodie Nation X 


Here is a slide show of some of the businesses in Carnation..

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And here are some of the activities on offer in Carnation...

Foundation PlanBasement PlanMain Level PlanBedroom Level PlanRoof PlanSouth Elevation DetailsWest Elevation DetailsNorth Artist DrawingSouth Artist DrawingWest Artist DrawingPlot Map FullPlot Map Build SiteFloor Elevation DetailsBasement Wall RebarBasement Support DetailsBasement Sheer DetailsRoof Elevation DetailsBasement Ceiling BeamsEast Internal WallNorth Wall OpeningsSouth Wall OpeningsRoof Beams
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