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 Recent Earthquakes
USGS stopped producing its earthquake maps in format thatcan be easily incorporated on a web page.  The effectis that it has made earthquake information more difficultto access and distribute.

WaterWatch -- Current water resourcesconditions
June22, 2020 -- In 7 days the number of confirmed Covid-19cases worldwide should reach 10,000,000.  In 8 daysthe number who have died from the virus should be around500,000.
TheDisaster Center Covid-19 Chronicle -- TheDisaster Center Covid-19 Diary -- John HopkinsCovid -19 Map -- WHOCoronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard -- CDCCovid-19 Communication Toolkit -- For Migrants,Refugees, and Other Limited-English-ProficientPopulations
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We've upgraded and added to our CrimeReports pages.  The new pages integrate crimeand imprisonment by year and States.

Tovolunteer or donate to a National VOAD memberorganization

Coming soon: The Disaster Center BookStore

Peopleaffectedby conflict: Humanitarian needs in numbers - 2013(PDF)     Centre for Research on theEpidemiology of Disasters (CRED) ? CRED (2013)
FEMA fraud hotline at 800-323-8603 or emailDHSOIGHOTLINE@DHS.GOV. This can include information oncontractors, inspectors, disaster survivors or anyoneposing as any of these. Complaints also can be made viathe FEMA disaster assistance helpline at 800-621-3362 (TTY800-462-7585) or with state or local law enforcementofficials or consumer agencies. 
We've been working on updating the State disaster pages. Here they are, a work in progress:
Alabama-- Alaska-- Arizona-- Arkansas-- California-- Colorado-- Connecticut-- Delaware-- Florida-- Georgia-- Hawaii-- Idaho-- Illinois-- Indiana-- Iowa-- Kansas-- Kentucky-- Louisiana-- Maine-- Maryland-- Massachusetts-- Michigan-- Minnesota-- Mississippi-- Missouri-- Montana-- Nebraska-- Nevada-- NewHampshire -- NewJersey -- NewMexico -- NewYork -- NorthCarolina -- NorthDakota -- Ohio-- Oklahoma-- Oregon-- Pennsylvania-- RhodeIsland -- SouthCarolina -- SouthDakota -- Tennessee-- Texas-- Utah-- Vermont-- Virginia-- Washington-- WestVirginia -- Wisconsin-- Wyoming
If you have any suggestions about how it can be improved,please send an email to host@disastercenter.com
Ready Rating: A FREEService from the American Red Cross
The Red Cross,Salvation Army and other volunteer organizations moveresources into position so as to be able to respond todisasters. Please consider a donation to the Red Cross You can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10donation or call 1-800 RED CROSS     
There are several ways you can donate to the SalvationArmy .  By phone: Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY   Bytext: Text ?GIVE? to 80888.  Also, considervolunteering or donating with  DisasterRelief Agencies and Nongovernment Organizations
Red Cross --After a disaster, letting your family and friends knowthat you are safe and well can bring your loved onesgreat peace of mind. Thiswebsiteis designed to help make that communication easier.

FBI's"Tips on Avoiding Fraudulent CharitableContribution Schemes"

If you want to suggest a link, please post tohost@disastercenter.com

The people affected will not lack clothing for long andmore will be donated than will ever be used.  It willend up in the local landfill, because there is no place tostore it.  If you are going to collect clothing havea garage sale with the proceeds going to thevictims.  Be responsible, if you collect money getproof that it was donated and make evidence available tothose who gave.  Consider volunteering or donatingwith  DisasterRelief Agencies and Nongovernment Organizations. 
WHO's CRED is reporting that in 2010 a total of 385natural disasters killed more than 297,000 peopleworldwide, affected over 217.0 million others and causedUS$ 123.9 billion of economic damages. AnnualDisasterStatistical Review 2010: (PDF 4.2 MB) The Numbers andTrends. Brussels: CRED; 2011-Guha-Sapir D, Vos F,Below R, with Ponserre S.   

There is only one weather authority in the United States,and that's the National Weather Service  Foremergency information consult with your local NWS officeor your local emergency management agency.  If youwant to suggest a link, please post to host@disastercenter.com
SaferProducts.gov:A New World for Consumers, Businesses, and Researchers-- This is a site that the US Chamber of Commerce wantsthe government to shut down.  Take a Look...
The Disaster Centersupports the UN's International Strategy for DisasterReduction. "Onemillionsafe schools and hospitals campaign" [PDF3.28 MB] guidancenote  [PDF 2.04 MB]
Schoolsandhospitals are a great place to start building a worldwide disaster mitigation movement.

The Disaster Centerhosts a TalkingAboutDisaster: Guide for Standard Messages
The CDC has recently come out with its Social Media:Preparedness 101: ZombieApocalypse Guide and announced a forthcomingvideo contest.  The idea that all these effortsare concerned with is that you and your family beprepared for disasters.  In our estimation themost important disaster readiness tool is a commoncontact person outside of the disaster area. Someone who, if conditions are so bad thathousehold members can't go home, that you might movein with.  After disasters most people do not stayin shelters.  They are sheltered by relatives andfriends. So what we are saying is that the greatesttool after a disaster is a friend; get one; be one. 
The Red Cross has created a teaching guide -- Childrenindisasters- Games and guidelines to engage youth
in risk reduction
A new National ScienceFoundation study has found that: Droughtmaythreaten much of globe within decades - NSF
Astudy released by researchers at Iowa StateUniversity calculated costs of five major crimes, andfound that each murder generated societal costs of$17.25 million
States: 10LeadingCauses of Death
VitalRecords: Locate your States' sourcesforBirth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records

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    September19,2011 -- We have added the FBI's 2010 StateUniform Crime Reports to our State data which now coversfrom 1960 to 2010, 50 years of crime statistics.

    The National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) hasreplaced the color codes of the HomelandSecurityAdvisory System (HSAS). The new alert system iscurrently active, active alerts are also available on Twitter and Facebook

     Established 14 years ago, the Disaster Center sitehas gone through a number of evolutions.  A big partof this work has provided coverage for disastersaffecting the United States.  Big stories wereHurricane Dennis,Rita,Katrina,Wilma,Floyd,Mitch,Bretand many others.  One of the most linked to areas onthe web site has been our graphics. The most popular ofthese HurricaneFloyd as it approached the US coast. CurrentandHistoric Atlantic Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

     Our work of mitigating disasters involvesthe preparation for them, responding to them, andrecovering from them.  In an ideal world we would beworking on ways to mitigateriskand threat before disasters happen.  
    If you have any disaster reports or questions please posta message to the DisasterCenter Blog.

     SBADisasterRecovery Loans  1-800-659-2955 --SBAmakes loans to home owners and business after Majordisasters
    HUDmayprovide disaster recovery assistance

    National HurricaneCenter

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    USStatesCrime 2004 -2005 Crimes per 100,000 and Ranking

    The DisasterCenter provides online coverage of disasters in the UnitedStates, compiling and providing links to disaster relatedstatistics and studies: USCrimes Data from 1960  Tornado, Nonfatal occupational Injuries and Illnesses, Fatal Occupational Injuries,Motor Vehicle Traffic Injury and Fatality Data,  Child Nursery Equipment and Toys: Accident Rates byAge, Sports & Recreational Equipment: Injuries by Ageand Sex,Home, Heating, Plumbing, and Appliance: Injuries byCause, Age, and Rate, Furniture, furnishings, household, and personal useitems: Accident injury rates by AgeHome, Work Tools and Misc. Items: Accident Injuryrates by Age. USCause of Death Data US Anti-terrorism Threat/Risk Policy prior toSeptember 11, 2001,  USNuclear, Biological and Chemical Terrorism Policy prior to9-11  Atlantic Hurricane pages and indexTotal student, Number of school-associatedViolent Deaths and Number of Homicides and Suicides ofYouth Ages 5?19, by Location: 1992?2002  

    The threecompanies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) have created acentral Web site where you can order your credit report (www.annualcreditreport.com). You also can order it by calling (877) 322-8228.
    You do not have to pay to receive thereport, nor do you have to pay for any service or product as acondition of receipt
    The NationalDo Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether toreceive telemarketing calls at home.  If they do, you canfile a complaint at https://www.donotcall.gov.You can register your home or mobile phone for free. Yourregistration will be effective for five years.

    Here are some tips you can use to avoid becoming a victimof cyber fraud:

    If you have received a suspicious e-mail, file a complaint withthe Internet Crime Complaint Center: www.ic3.gov.

    For more information on e-scams, visit the FBI?s E-Scams andWarnings webpage: www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/e-scams

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