Asian 'A' Blitz

by sproutcm

'A' makes up 50% of the letters in 'Asia', so it seemed appropriate.
Click the Three Word Movies

by senordingdong

It's not that longer-titled movies are bad. We just don't like counting.
Bullseye Blitz: NBA!

by bhenderson79

If they put a bullseye on the backboard, would it encourage more bank shots?
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Monday's QuizzesJun 29
Which Country: Mediterranean Landmarks

by alvir28

You'll find an awful lot of famous history around that sea.
Any NFL Team Besides the Bills

by sathyamc

You've got 31 others to choose from!
One-Star Pixar

by emberly13

Would that make them One Pix-star? We'll put it on Yelp.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (1970s)

by samc67

Sometimes a letter is all it takes. Especially when you put some rude words in the envelope.
Tom Hanks Real Person Picture Match

by Hejman

We're still trying to figure out if he assimilated their memories or something.
Guess the TV Show in 3 Words III

by MSUKent

No, the three words aren't going to be the name of the show.
Speed Shape Searcher

by BoggelTeam

We'd love to see Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves play any quiz with 'Speed' in the title together.
Where Is That 'U' or 'V' City?

by geronimostilton

Together, they would make the UV ultraviolet city.
Pixelated Premier League Logos

by Chenchilla

You call them low resolution, we call them retro art.
Sunday's QuizzesJun 28
16 Little Geography Pictograms III

by bhenderson79

Welcome to the newly founded country of "Necktielandingplane".
Complete the 2000s TV Show

by DIEGO1000

This is a much shorter quiz than 'Complete 2000 TV Shows'.
Sunday Crossword: The Great Beyond

by Purple_Parrot

Does doing crosswords outside of Sunday bring a curse from the Great Beyond?
5 Movies Fivesomes

by timschurz

We heard three was a crowd and ramped things up with a couple bonus members.
Go Fish: Colors!

by jackaronson23

What color is a rainbow trout?All of the colors?
One, Two...Not Three XXII

by Tasi

One is the loneliest number. That's why we're letting two hang around as well.
Click the Rock Pokémon (Gen. 1)

by beforever

Don't tell anyone that sometimes Pokémon are just literal rocks.
Follow That Lyric (2010s Songs)

by El_Dandy

Luckily, you don't have to get up to follow these aorund.
Pride Flag Pick

by C22zm

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.
Saturday's QuizzesJun 27
Complete the Artwork... With a Picture

by Noldeh

So we're going to be finishing art with more art?
Letter Pyramid - South American Countries

by PenguinsMeercats

Do you think they also made real pyramids out of letters? Probably not.
MCU Criteria: Phase 1 Films

by I-Am-Batman

You know a film series is long if you can break it down into phases.
Find the Name Misfits

by ghcgh

No "lasers" required to complete this quiz.
An Anglo-French Crossword

by beisaa

We might be bilingual, but we're forgetting all the words. Byelingual.
Waldo’s Day Off

by matthijsbp

2020 is all about avoiding large crowds, so how is Waldo occupying himself?
Build Germany with Bundesliga Teams

by bortoluka

We promise you won't need to get your construction toolbox.
Saturday Sudoku LV

by connieknonnie

Contrary to the thumbnail, no app installation required.
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