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  • Forum Suggestions and Feedback
    Voice your opinions, concerns and suggestions on how to make the Transport Tycoon Forums better.
    Moderator: General Forums Moderators
    911 Topics
    12462 Posts
    Last postby Redirect Left
  • Real-World Transport Discussion
    Take a break from playing the game and chat here about real-world transportation issues!
    Moderator: General Forums Moderators
    1632 Topics
    37366 Posts
    Last postby oftcrash
  • Off-Topic
    This is the place to talk about anything not related to Transport Tycoon itself.
    Moderator: General Forums Moderators
    Subforum:Forum Games
    6469 Topics
    375646 Posts
    Last postby Dave
  • General OpenTTD
    OpenTTD is a fully open-sourced reimplementation of TTD, written in C++, boasting improved gameplay and many new features.
    Moderator: OpenTTD Developers
    7257 Topics
    82240 Posts
    Last postby Chrill
  • OpenTTD Problems
    Got a problem with OpenTTD? Find some help here.
    Moderator: OpenTTD Developers
    7032 Topics
    47568 Posts
    Last postby L. Spooner Inc
  • OpenTTD Suggestions
    Got an idea for OpenTTD? Post it here!
    Moderator: OpenTTD Developers
    5310 Topics
    49941 Posts
    Last postby Eddi
  • OpenTTD AIs and Game Scripts
    Discuss the new AI features ("NoAI") introduced into OpenTTD 0.7, allowing you to implement custom AIs, and the new Game Scripts available in OpenTTD 1.2 and higher.
    Moderator: OpenTTD Developers
    818 Topics
    13446 Posts
    Last postby Exilyth
  • OpenTTD Development
    Forum for technical discussions regarding development. If you have a general suggestion, problem or comment, please use one of the other forums.
    Moderator: OpenTTD Developers
    2222 Topics
    62539 Posts
    Last postby mrbeanisgood
  • Graphics Releases
    Find and discuss all the latest NewGRF releases for TTDPatch and OpenTTD here.
    Moderator: Graphics Moderators
    311 Topics
    11904 Posts
    Last postby fridaemon
  • Graphics Development
    Discuss, get help with, or post new graphics for TTDPatch and OpenTTD, using the NewGRF system, here. Graphics for plain TTD also acceptable here.
    Moderator: Graphics Moderators
    3273 Topics
    182788 Posts
    Last postby George
  • NewGRF Technical Discussions
    Discussions about the technical aspects of graphics development, including NewGRF tools and utilities.
    Moderator: Graphics Moderators
    534 Topics
    7944 Posts
    Last postby UnicycleBloke
  • Transport Tycoon (2013)
    Talk about the new mobile version of Transport Tycoon (for iOS and Android) released in 2013.
    47 Topics
    721 Posts
    Last postby 1999BISHOP
  • General Transport Tycoon
    General talk about Transport Tycoon that isn't specific to TTD, TTDPatch or OpenTTD.
    760 Topics
    7325 Posts
    Last postby m_lemmi
  • Transport Tycoon (Original)
    Talk about the classic original version of Transport Tycoon.
    138 Topics
    2136 Posts
    Last postby andreasaspenberg
  • Transport Tycoon Deluxe
    Talk about the sequel to the original TT, Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
    1971 Topics
    23184 Posts
    Last postby wallyweb
  • Problems
    Problems with Transport Tycoon?
    1242 Topics
    9508 Posts
    Last postby Carlos J
  • Screenshots, Scenarios and Saved Games
    Post screenshots of your games here, as well as your own custom scenarios and saved games! All Transport Tycoon games acceptable (including TTDPatch and OpenTTD).
    Subforums:Screenshots, Scenarios and Saved Games
    1529 Topics
    51122 Posts
    Last postby mrbeanisgood
  • General TTDPatch
    Get help, info, news and advice about the Transport Tycoon Deluxe patch.
    Moderator: TTDPatch Moderators
    1401 Topics
    25179 Posts
    Last postby kamnet
  • Problems with TTDPatch
    Got a problem with TTDPatch? Get help here.
    Moderator: TTDPatch Moderators
    1957 Topics
    13706 Posts
    Last postby Doclouis
  • Suggestions
    Got an idea for a new feature in TTDPatch? Post it here.
    Moderator: TTDPatch Moderators
    1288 Topics
    12568 Posts
    Last postby kamnet
  • General Locomotion
    The "spiritual sequel" to Transport Tycoon Deluxe: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is the latest game from him - general discussion about it here please!
    Moderator: Locomotion Moderators
    1360 Topics
    21443 Posts
    Last postby Zakos
  • Locomotion Problems, FAQs and Tutorials
    Got problems with Locomotion? Find assistance here!
    Moderator: Locomotion Moderators
    1255 Topics
    8901 Posts
    Last postby Zakos
  • Locomotion Beginners
    Are you a beginner with Locomotion? Learn the basics here.
    Moderator: Locomotion Moderators
    411 Topics
    3013 Posts
    Last postby pjustice71
  • Locomotion Scenarios and Saved Games
    Got a nice scenario or saved game for Locomotion? Post it here!
    Moderator: Locomotion Moderators
    686 Topics
    8891 Posts
    Last postby Blaxlandridge3
  • Locomotion Graphics, Modifications & Tools
    Discuss, get help with, or post new modifications, graphics or related tools for Locomotion in this forum.
    Moderator: Locomotion Moderators
    2654 Topics
    49701 Posts
    Last postby Blaxlandridge3
  • General Transport Empire Discussion
    Discuss a Transport Tycoon-like game being programmed by forum users.
    Moderator: Transport Empire Moderators
    66 Topics
    1075 Posts
    Last postby Baldy's Boss
  • Transport Empire Development
    Development discussion about Transport Empire. Other discussion to General forum please.
    Moderator: Transport Empire Moderators
    68 Topics
    1573 Posts
    Last postby An00biS
  • Transport Empire Coding
    Discussions related to programming Transport Empire.
    Moderator: Transport Empire Moderators
    33 Topics
    375 Posts
    Last postby Expresso
  • Transport Empire Graphics
    Discussions pertaining to the development of graphics for Transport Empire.
    Moderator: Transport Empire Moderators
    12 Topics
    329 Posts
    Last postby An00biS
  • Transport Empire Development Archive
    Archived discussions related to Transport Empire. Read-only access only.
    Moderator: Transport Empire Moderators
    354 Topics
    7646 Posts
    Last postby XeryusTC
  • Simutrans
    Discuss the free TT-like game Simutrans.
    226 Topics
    1774 Posts
    Last postby prissi
  • Transport Giant
    Talk about a game by JoWooD Productions, Transport Giant.
    114 Topics
    1584 Posts
    Last postby TheNewTeddy
  • Transport Unlimited
    A TTD clone that was under development. Development has now been stopped.
    26 Topics
    549 Posts
    Last postby ChrisCF
  • 3DTT (Trains & Trucks Tycoon)
    A 3D Transport Tycoon-like game, an incomplete version of which was released as "Trains & Trucks Tycoon".
    75 Topics
    965 Posts
    Last postby anovi
  • Zugspiel
    A 3D game in the spirit of Transport Tycoon.Click here for the web site.
    21 Topics
    116 Posts
    Last postby This is my name
  • Railroad Tycoon Series
    Discuss the Railroad Tycoon series of games in this forum.
    36 Topics
    435 Posts
    Last postby charlieg
  • P1SIM
    P1SIM is a commercial game under development featuring traffic, logistics, city building and more.
    25 Topics
    1706 Posts
    Last postby smallfly

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